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Hot Lap Ride Along Packages

Ride Along

( 14 - 15 years old)

Treat your young adults to an amazing NASCAR ride along with one of our race school instructors around their favorite track.

**Parent must accompany the minor at the event.**
( 16+ years old)

Experience this amazing one of a kind HOT LAP ride along!  So get in, hold on, and one of our race instructors will blast you around the race track for some green flag laps, at full speed!!

5 laps  :  $99

Ride & Drive Package

5 & 5

5 & 5 Drive & Ride Package with Seat Time Racing School – you will get behind the wheel of a real race car with our Instructor by your side for 5 full laps, then back on pit road where you will get into the passenger seat and our Instructor will take you for a breathtaking Hot Lap Ride Along for 5 full laps.

(no classroom is needed for this package, our Instructor will be with you at all time in the race car)

Check in times are available throughout the day – check in times will be in your Letter of Confirmation sent via email after purchase with 24 – 48 hours

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Solo Drive Packages

Drive 8 - 12

Come and be part of our most popular race package! Our entry level driving experience will help you get comfortable behind the wheel of a race car. One of our instructors will show you the preferred line around the track, with you in the driver’s seat and the remaining laps will be self-driven laps.

8 to 12 laps depending on the track.


Drive 12 - 20

Increase your seat time and fun in the race car and learn to drive a stock car. More seat time translates into faster laps. As you get more comfortable after each lap, your lap times will improve.

12 to 20 laps depending on the track.


Drive 18 - 30

Even more seat time translates into more confidence and faster laps.

18 to 30 laps depending on the track.


Drive 24 - 40

Get serious and get a lot of seat time. Remember, more seat time equals confidence and the ability to improve your lap time. You will definitely improve your comfort level behind the wheel with this driving experience.

24 to 40 laps depending on the track.


Advanced Racing Course

Are you ready to take it to the next level?  There are up to eight cars on the track – with you in one and your advanced instructor in another car (other students will be on the track) and here is where your instructor teaches you advanced techniques including; qualifying line, low line, high line, nose to tail, and slingshot maneuvers. Get ready to take the wheel during this high intensity and advanced driving experience.

40 to 60 laps equal 30 to 45+ miles depending on track.


Corporate Events

Looking for something different and unique? Something your customers or your team will remember for months.
Let the team at Seat Time Racing School help you create an event that people will not forget anytime soon. A fun and heart pounding experience of riding or driving a REAL race car will get anybody’s adrenaline moving. Let us create and customize an event for you and your group!
Call our team today to make your driving experience event a success.


Bring your friends or family, it’s more fun to share your driving experience with someone you know.
Call our team today to make your driving school for your group a hit.



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Bring your friends or family, it’s more fun to share your driving experience with someone you know.